Vantage points of a diet coke drinker

For this video, I shot multiple view points of my friend drinking diet coke. I shot the video using the instagram app. This video shows the experience of drinking a diet coke.


You will love this product


Happiness Boost. A dark chocolate they you won’t only like, but you will love.

This product is proven to be as good as love. Dark chocolate has been shown to be the only other thing that can release serotonin to the brain the same way that love does.

When it comes to the promotion of this product, I decided to take it in a more animated direction to better fit the title of the product. I also targeted the demographic most likely to purchase the product which I would say includes women from the ages of 30 to 45. This product also has the potential to reach other demographics depending on their dependency on their emotions, especially love.

hb-ad3 hb-ad2