Why 4031?

Communication, creativity and storytelling. These are three concepts that drive my life from education, to my extra curriculars and even in my personal life. So, how does MC 4031 play into these items in a series? I was drawn to this class because it plans to expand on my favorite part of advertising, which is creativity and its application.
I have taken a few mass communication classes thus far in my time at LSU, but this semester I’m turning on all the burners and packing my schedule with classes focused on my major. After taking classes such as visual communication and digital branding, I’ve started to see what kind of classes I like. I was excited to learn about this class, which would be expanding on classes like these, which I have excelled in and thoroughly enjoyed.
In this class, I hope to further expand my knowledge of the creative side of the advertising industry and delve into the intricacy of its application. I want to push my talents and explore ideas and concepts that may be outside my comfort zone. I also think that the ideas of creatives have much to say about the creative as an individual. With that being said, I hope to learn just as much about myself in this class as I will about the industry.
Through learning about myself and the industry, I hope to see this class give me a glimpse of where I fit in the grand scheme of advertising. I know I like the creative side, but I want to expand on that. What type of creative work do I like to do? What kind of agency would I work for? Do I want to work for a agency? These are just some of the questions that I ask myself as I see the ominous clouds of graduation looming in the not too distant future.
After surveying my thoughts on this course and my placement in it, I’m realizing just how excited I am to be here. A class like this is a rare find. Getting the opportunity to learn about the exact things that drive you and being taught how to execute them to the standards of the Manship School, now who could pass that up?