The Rakers (take two)

I took another pass at this flier to make sure it was perfect. I changed up the heading font just a tad by putting the letters closer together and edited the graphic for The Atomic Pop Shop making it clearer.



A Bright Idea


In the layout for this article, I chose my two favorite pictures that I took and edited them to exemplify the title of the article, “Bright Futures at the Manship School.” In the main photo of the school, I changed the brightness and colors to make the sun pop without loosing the view building. In the picture of the PMAC, I edited the levels to make the PMAC stand out and remove some of the shadows.



Tattoos are forever. It took a while for me to figure out what I could live with. I am very into simplicity, and I am a firm believer in the idea that some of the most simplistic things have some of the biggest impacts. I decided to go with “III.” This Roman numeral symbolizes the Holy Trinity and affirms my faith. I chose Times New Roman not only because the serifs on the letters look great, but the font itself parallels my faith. It is everywhere. It is on the most commonly used and seen fonts today.

Making a Scene


Everyone loves to make a scene. When I make a scene, I do it with a purpose. This image explains my purpose.

Though it is made up of multiple images, these images together create a beautiful cohesion. Certain images are emphasized more by color or size to guide the viewer in their journey into this scene. This also connects to the contrast that the images create which come together to form a single, unified thought.

What is this thought?

“No matter what, keep moving forward.”

Images used: