During one of my classes, one of my professors was talking about branding and the big brands that are out there. Brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds were mentioned. As these were mentioned, we discussed their brands and what defined them: Apple – innovation; Coca-Cola – classic; McDonalds – “I’m lovin’ it.” Then he mentioned Pepsi and asked what their brand was. The room fell silent. Then I thought to myself “What is Pepsi?” Personally, I don’t drink soft drinks, but I am from the south so I would be more prone to grab a Coke than a Pepsi out of the ice chest. But this question lead me to do some research. Obviously Pepsi as a brand wasn’t doing too well considering a class of 250+ students couldn’t find anything to say about them. As I looked into it I found that Pepsi was starting a new campaign called “Now.” The advertisements look great and they feature stars like Nicki Minaj. They are also sponsors of the hit show X-Factor. Maybe with time this movement will catch on or maybe just the rivalry of “Coke vs. Pepsi” will keep them alive. If I could give Pepsi any suggestion in improving their brand, I would say to target a younger demographic. Get younger people to like their product, create a loyalty to the Pepsi brand and maybe they could achieve something like Coke’s “classic” status.